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Strategies for Using the Surface Option
If AutoGEM has not created a full set of elements on the surfaces you selected, or if you want a different set of elements than what AutoGEM created, you can try one or more of the following steps:
Use the Boundary Edges option on the AutoGEMInfo menu to find and examine unfinished areas of the model.
Inspect the geometry, for problems.
If you deselect the Insert Points and Move or Delete Existing Points options, AutoGEM creates the best set of elements possible without inserting or moving points. Deselecting these options gives you more control over the elements AutoGEM creates.
In rare cases, reduce the minimum edge angle, increase the maximum edge angle, or increase the aspect ratio on the Limits tab.
If you are working with an assembly that fails to mesh, use Info > Tolerance Report to check the component tolerances to make sure that they are close enough. If not, return to Creo Parametric and use the File > Properties command to open the Model Properties dialog box. Click Change adjacent to Accuracy to change the accuracy values of any component whose tolerance appears to be too high.