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Status Messages
While meshing your model, Creo Simulate displays and regularly updates status messages that indicates the progress of AutoGEM. The status messages appear in the message area of the dashboard. The following are some tips on how to interpret these messages:
The completion percentage is based on a simple estimate of how many total elements Creo Simulate will need for the selected volume. The actual number of elements created may vary significantly from these interim estimates.
The completion percentage estimate can increase even as the number of elements created decreases. This only indicates that AutoGEM is changing its estimate of how many elements will be needed to complete the selected volumes as it tries different combinations of elements.
The completion percentage sometimes decreases at least a few times during element creation. Even if AutoGEM appears to stall at a particular completion percentage, it will usually complete successfully.
When the AutoGEM meshing completes successfully, Creo Simulate reports the number of nodes and elements that are created while meshing.
* Creo Simulate does not count nodes that are created at the ends of edges and datum curves while reporting the number of nodes.
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