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Example: Reducing the Element Count
If you run an analysis or design study and find out that your model has too many elements, you can change certain values on the Limits tab—typically the value in the Allowable Angles (Degrees) field. Even slight changes in this field can result in a substantial lowering of the element count.
For example, if you determine that AutoGEM created 10,000 elements for a fairly simple model, you can consider changing the Allowable Angles (Degrees) value. In this case, you might reduce the minimum edge and face angles from 5 to 2. You might also increase the maximum edge and face angles from 175 to 178. Although these appear to be minor changes, they can reduce the number of elements by 20-30%.
Note that you do not increase the allowable edge turn. Although increasing the edge turn reduces the number of elements, the reduction is not appreciable. Consequently, setting a value higher than the default generally does not produce dramatic changes in element count.
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