Creo Simulate > Modeling Structure and Thermal Problems > Meshes > Native Mode Meshes > Creating an AutoGEM Mesh > Diagnosing AutoGEM Problems > Using the AutoGEM Log File > Log
You can access the AutoGEM log file by selecting Info > AutoGEM Log on the AutoGEM dialog box. The AutoGEM log file provides information about the most recent AutoGEM operation you executed for the current model.
You can access the AutoGEM log file regardless of whether AutoGEM completed successfully or unsuccessfully, or whether you interrupted it.
Creo Simulate saves:
the AutoGEM log file as model_name.agm (where model_name is the name of your model)
the previous AutoGEM log file, if one exists, as model_name.agb
These files are overwritten with each successive AutoGEM session. If you want to save a particular AutoGEM log file, you can rename it through the operating system.