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Create Links Where Needed
Select the Create Links Where Needed option on the Settings tab of the AutoGEM Settings dialog box if you want AutoGEM to create links wherever you need to continue creating elements on volumes, or if you want links to be created between shell and solid elements.
If you select Create Links Where Needed, AutoGEM links tetrahedrons to existing wedge and brick quad faces. Creo Simulate does not create links to existing quad shell elements. This option causes the edges of shell elements that are connected to solid elements to be linked so that the shells do not rotate like a hinge. Multipoint constraints are used to force the rotations of the shell elements to match the deformations of the linked solid elements.
In general, you should select Create Links Where Needed if you have existing wedge or brick elements in your model. Adding links may increase run time. If you have a shell solid model and the shells are connected to the solids through non-linear curves, it is not necessary to create the shell solid links. For some models, the additional shell solid links can significantly increase the time required to obtain the solution of your analysis.
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