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Interrupting AutoGEM
You can interrupt AutoGEM at any time by clicking the Creo Parametric stop sign in the lower right corner of the screen. You may want to interrupt for one of the following reasons:
AutoGEM has been running for an unexpectedly long time.
The command line messages indicate that AutoGEM is not making progress in creating new elements.
Consult the guidelines for deciding when to interrupt AutoGEM to learn more about the factors you should weigh.
If you interrupt the meshing session:
before you see the Creating element type elements status message, AutoGEM will not create any elements
after you see the status message, AutoGEM will usually create only a partial set of elements
AutoGEM usually responds to your interrupt request rapidly. If AutoGEM has already begun to create elements, it displays a message box indicating the current element completion percentage, how many elements AutoGEM has created, or what meshing process AutoGEM is currently performing. The message box prompts you to decide whether you really want to stop the mesh. If you click Yes, the software opens the AutoGEM Summary dialog box. If you click No, AutoGEM resumes creating the mesh.
When you interrupt AutoGEM during element creation, Creo Simulate displays the mesh in its current, incomplete state. You can study the mesh and determine where the problems might lie. After you correct any problems by adding datum geometry to refine the mesh in the problem areas, relaxing the element limits, or a variety of other methods, you can run AutoGEM against the existing mesh to complete the element creation process.