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Create a Full Set of Elements
Try one or more of the following steps:
Use the Boundary Faces command on the AutoGEM Info menu to find and examine unfinished areas of the model.
If AutoGEM creates an incomplete set of elements, you can try adding points along curves and surfaces. Then, delete the existing mesh and run AutoGEM again.
If the volume contains a small feature close to a large feature, you can try adding points to the large feature.
Reduce the minimum edge and face angles, increase the maximum edge and face angles, or increase the aspect ratio on the Limits tab on the AutoGEM Settings dialog box. Try this strategy only when other strategies have failed or when your model has some very thin surfaces.
Review the AutoGEM log file to determine what percentage of elements AutoGEM completed. Select the Automatic Interrupt option on the AutoGEM Settings dialog box, and enter the completion percentage at which you want to interrupt AutoGEM. After AutoGEM interrupts itself, add points in the incomplete region.
After you have taken one or more of these steps, you can run AutoGEM again. You can do either of the following:
Keep the elements AutoGEM created the first time
Delete some or all of the elements before using AutoGEM a second time
If you restart AutoGEM on a volume that is partially filled with tetrahedral elements, it is usually best to select Modify or Delete Existing Elements on the AutoGEM Settings dialog box.
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