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Boundary Processing Takes Too Long
If the boundary processing stage seems to be taking too long (it can take over 10 minutes for very complex parts), you can do try the following techniques:
Deselect all the items under Feature Isolation area on the AutoGEM Settings dialog box. This disables any mesh refinement that AutoGEM would normally use to isolate problem features.
Use AutoGEM on all surfaces that form the volume boundary. Use box selection to select all of the boundary surfaces at the same time.
Let AutoGEM run at least a few minutes after seeing the Creating <element type> elements status message.
Interrupt AutoGEM when it reaches the maximum percentage completion or when the element count starts to increase rapidly. After you interrupt, use the Boundary Edges option on the AutoGEM Info menu to find incomplete areas. Additionally, look for areas with too many points. This should help you find the problem areas on the volume boundary.
Modify the geometry in the problems area. For example, if the problem occurs near a round, try altering the radius of the round.
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