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Max Aspect Ratio
This option enables you to enter the maximum aspect ratio that you want AutoGEM to allow when it creates or edits elements.
We recommend that you keep the default value for this field and address your element count through the Allowable angles (degrees) field instead. If you lower the Max Aspect Ratio setting, you may experience slower performance and AutoGEM may create inappropriate element concentrations.
The Creo Simulate guideline is that the aspect ratio of a solid face's length to its width and a shell's length to its width should be no greater than 30 to 1. The guideline for 2D plates and 2D solids is the same as for shells.
The default aspect ratio for creating is 30; the minimum value is 2. You should not use an aspect ratio higher than 30 for areas of your model that have high stress or flux gradients, or for areas of your model where you are especially interested in the results.
The default aspect ratio for editing is 100.