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Overview of Design Variables
Based on the stresses or thermal conditions revealed during analysis, you can add design variables to your model. Design variables are entities that can change the shape or properties of the model within a specified range during a sensitivity or optimization design study. The design variables you create affect only the shape of the model.
For example, you can add a radius, setting a range within which Creo Simulate changes the radius until it finds a new location that minimizes the stress of the model. See Example: Design Variable.
Here is an overview of the steps you should follow to assign and verify design variables in Creo Simulate. You should complete all the steps before running a design study.
1. Prepare your model for design variables by renaming dimensions, defining Creo Parametric parameters, adding relationships, and examining the effect of dynamic feature suppression. This step is optional.
2. Define design variables using any independent Creo Parametric dimension or parameter.
3. Animate the shape change.
4. Troubleshoot any shape change problems.
5. Modify or delete design variables if necessary.