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Design Variables
A design variable is a model feature on which you can instruct Creo Simulate to perform one of the following actions:
vary within a specified range in a sensitivity or optimization design study
change to a specified setting in a standard design study
You can create a design variable for:
Creo Parametric parameters
beam section dimensions
material properties
laminate layup shell properties for shell models
The following buttons are used to add or delete a design variable in the Variables table.
—Click to select and add available dimensions from the model.
* If sketched beam sections are present in your model, clicking opens the Dimension Selection dialog box.
—Click this button to select and add a Creo Parametric parameter from the Select Parameter dialog box.
* When you select a Creo Parametric parameter with a negative value, be sure that the value is valid. For example, you would not specify a length as a negative number, but you could specify an angle as a negative number. If you specify a negative value where you should not, the software will be unable to regenerate the part during design studies or shape animation.
* For a design study of an assembly, you can select parameters that are created at the top-level assembly level, but you cannot select parameters that are created at the individual part level.
—Deletes the variable row that you select.
For more information on using design variables when creating laminate layup shell properties for shell models, see Design Variables with Laminate Layup.