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To Define a Mirror Symmetry Constraint
1. Click Home > Constraints > Symmetry. The Symmetry Constraint dialog box opens.
2. Enter a descriptive name or accept the default name. Click the color swatch adjacent to Name if you want to change the color of the icon, the distribution, and the text displayed for the constraint.
3. Select the desired constraint set from the Member of Set drop-down list.
4. If you want to create a new constraint set, click New to display the Constraint Set Definition dialog box. Enter a name and optional description for the new constraint set.
5. If it is not already selected, select Mirror from the Type list.
6. Select geometric entities in the model as references for the symmetry plane. You can select points, vertices, curves, edges, or surfaces. The selected geometric entities appear in the References collector.
7. Click OK to define the Mirror Symmetry Constraint and exit the dialog box.
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