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To Define a Cyclic Symmetry Constraint
After you have created the portion of your model on which you want to place a cyclic symmetry constraint, complete the following steps:
1. Click Home > Constraints > Symmetry. The Symmetry Constraint dialog box opens.
2. Enter a new name or accept the default name. Click the color swatch adjacent to Name if you want to change the color of the icon, the distribution, and the text displayed for the constraint.
3. Select the desired constraint set from the Member of Set list.
4. If you want to create a new constraint set, click New to display the Constraint Set dialog box. Enter a name for the new constraint set.
5. In Structure, select Cyclic from the Type list. (This is the only choice in Thermal.)
6. In the References area, select two sets of points, vertices, surfaces, curves, or edges to define the boundaries of the cyclic symmetry constraint.
Depending on the geometry you selected, Creo Simulate either automatically determines the the axis of symmetry or allows you to specify the axis of symmetry. When you select surfaces as references, the axis of symmetry is automatically selected. Set the value of the configuration option sim_override_axis_selection to yes to allow you to select the axis of symmetry, even when the selected references are surfaces. Datum axes, linear curves and solid edges are available for selection.
For planar cuts, the axis of symmetry occurs at the intersection of the two cuts, at the virtual center of the original model. The location of the axis of symmetry can vary for non-planar cuts.
7. Click OK after you select the appropriate references for the cyclic symmetry constraint.
The boundaries of the cyclic symmetry constraint must map to each other through a rotation about the specified axis of symmetry. When the selected references do not map to each other, Creo Simulate displays an error message and the cyclic symmetry constraint is not created.