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About Weighted Links
A weighted link is an interpolation entity that is mainly used to take masses or loads acting at a single source point and distribute them to a collection of target geometric entities. Weighted links have the following characteristics:
Weighted links distribute masses or loads in a balanced manner.
Weighted links help you to control this distribution through translational degrees of freedom that you assign to a target node group. Assigning degrees of freedom to target nodes enables them to move in specific directions. Creo Simulate uses these degrees of freedom to construct linear constraint equations while calculating the load or mass distribution.
Weighted links can have only one source point that follows the average motion of the target node group. Thus, the source point is called dependent and the target entities—independent. Entities on the independent side determine the motion of a single point on the dependent side. In other words, any motion of a point on the dependent side reflects the average motion of the entities on the independent side.
These characteristics make weighted links useful when you need to attach mass idealizations to your model without stiffening the structure.
Click Refine Model > Weighted Link to open the Weighted Link Definition dialog box to create weighted links in your model. After you create a weighted link, you can edit or delete it by selecting the associated icon on your model and using Edit Definition or Delete, as appropriate. If you are deleting a weighted link, Creo Simulate asks you for confirmation first.
While creating, editing, or deleting weighted links, keep in mind the following:
Use the precedence rules.
To control visibility of the weighted link icons click Simulation Display on the Graphics toolbar to open the Simulation Display dialog box. Creo Simulate places the weighted link icon on the model.
Place the weighted links on layers.
Use object action to make any changes to the weighted links.
* You cannot define weighted links for 2D models.