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Weighted Link Icon
After you create a weighted link, Creo Simulate displays two graphical icons on your model—one for the weighted link and another for the degrees of freedom. Creo Simulate places the degrees of freedom icon on the independent side of the weighted link. The icon is a triad, with each leg of the triad representing the X, Y, and Z directions of the coordinate system you select. If you check any degree of freedom in any direction, Creo Simulate adds the appropriate indicator to the icon:
Arrow head—Indicates a translational degree of freedom for the given direction.
Ring—Indicates a rotational degree of freedom for the given direction.
* You can only specify translational degrees of freedom in the native mode. Hence the weighted link icon does not display any rings.
The degrees of freedom icon changes orientation depending on the coordinate system you select for the independent side of the weighted link.
If you do not select a UCS or set the Nodal coordinate system in the Weighted Link Definition dialog box, Creo Simulate displays the legs of the triad parallel to the axes of the default WCS. This may not be correct if you have previously assigned a different displacement coordinate system to the same node.
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