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Defining Fasteners Using Spring Stiffness Properties
When you select the Using spring stiffness property option to define fastener stiffness, the Fastener Definition dialog box displays a Spring Property list. Select a spring property that you have already defined or click More to create new spring properties or edit existing properties.
If you choose this method to define a fastener, Creo Simulate uses spring properties to model the fastener. All the stiffness terms specified for the spring property that you select or create are used to calculate the stiffness of the spring. In the following figure the X-direction of the spring lies along the fastener axis. Kxx is the axial extensional stiffness of the fastener. Kyy and Kzz are the shearing stiffness properties. Txx is the torsional stiffness and Tyy and Tzz are the bending stiffness properties.
1. Kxx—extensional stiffness along the axis of the fastener.
2. Kyy—shearing stiffness
3. Kzz—shearing stiffness
4. Txx—torsional stiffness of fastener
5. Tyy—bending stiffness
6. Tzz—bending stiffness
Note that, for any spring property you select or define when creating fasteners, you must ensure that Kyy = Kzz.
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