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Defining Fasteners Using Diameter and Material
When you select the Using diameter and material option to define fastener stiffness, the Fastener Definition dialog box displays or activates the following items:
Diameter—Specifies the diameter of the fastener shaft. You can use a real-number value, parameter name, or expression. If you are using circular edges of holes as references, Creo Simulate sets the default in the Diameter field to the diameter of the smallest fastener hole. If you change the default diameter, be sure you do not enter a negative number or specify a diameter larger than the diameter of the smaller hole. If you are using points as references, Creo Simulate does not display a default diameter in the Diameter field.
Materials—Specifies the material of the fastener. Click the arrow to display a drop-down list of material properties already associated with your model. Use the More button to display more materials, or to create a new material.
* You cannot use orthotropic or transversely isotropic materials when creating fasteners, so the drop-down list contains only isotropic materials.
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