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Weld Feature Weld Definition
To add solid welds and surface welds of the type fillet or groove, created using Creo Parametric Welding, click Refine Model > Weld to open the Weld Definition dialog box. Select Weld Feature type of weld to select a weld feature created in Creo Parametric Welding.
The following options are available on the Weld Definition dialog box when you select Weld Feature as the weld type:
References—Select the Weld feature from the Model Tree or the model geometry or use the search tool.
Override Weld Feature Settings—If you do not select this check box, Creo Simulate uses the Weld Feature properties of the weld created in the Welding application. Select this check box to enter the following properties for the weld feature:
Thickness—Specify the thickness for the weld. You can select units from the list adjacent to Thickness.
* If using the Weld feature properties, (Override Weld Feature Settings check box not selected) the thickness for groove welds is the penetration parameter value. For fillet welds (surface-surface), it is the average of the leg lengths. These values cannot be edited and are associative back to the Weld feature settings.
Material—Select the part material or click More to assign a material to the weld feature. You need to assign a material to a weld feature in order that the weld participates in meshing.
* For edge-surface and edge-edge fillet welds, Override Weld Feature Settings is always selected and cannot be cleared. In this case the material used is the weld material.
Refer to the Welding Help for more information on welds.
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