Creo Simulate > Reference Links > Creating Rigid Links
Creating Rigid Links
When you click Refine Model > Rigid Link, the Rigid Link Definition dialog box opens. The Type list shows the rigid link as Simple by default. To fully define a simple rigid link, you must name it and specify the following in the dialog box:
References—Specify the reference type and select the geometry for your rigid link. If you have already selected valid geometric references for the rigid link before opening the Rigid Link Definition dialog box, your selections appear in the collector when the dialog box opens. Otherwise, select the required geometry when the Rigid Link Definition dialog box opens.
If you select Advanced in the Type list, you can define the following types of rigid links by changing the references:
Point-Point—between two points or two vertices.
Point–Surface—between a point and a surface, or a vertex and a surface.
Point–Edge/Curve—between a point and an edge or curve, or a vertex and an edge or curve.