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To Export Simulation Geometry
You can export a snapshot of the simulation geometry and model connectivity while the Simulation Geometry dialog box is open. You can also export compressed shell geometry to the IGES and the SUPERTAB format.
1. Click Home > Review Geometry in FEM mode or Refine Model > Review Geometry in native mode to open the Simulation Geometry dialog box.
2. Select the required check boxes for entities you want to review.
3. Click the color swatches adjacent to the check boxes to open the Color Editor and select a color and transparency.
4. Click Apply. The simulation geometry and model connectivity is displayed in the selected colors.
5. Select File > Save As > Save a Copy.
6. From the Type list on the Save a Copy dialog box, select IGES to export shell geometry to an .igs file or SUPERTAB to export to a .unv file . Select a coordinate system for the IGES format when prompted. The compressed shell geometry is saved to a file in your working directory.
* The IGES and SUPERTAB formats are only available if there are no solid portions in the model. If there are solid portions in the model, select Mesh > Midsurface in FEM mode or AutoGEM > Midsurface in native mode to export to the IGES and SUPERTAB formats.
* You can also save a snapshot of the screen by selecting one of the graphics file formats on the Type list.
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