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To Create a Spot Weld
1. Click Refine Model > Weld. The Weld Definition dialog box opens.
2. Select Spot Weld as the type of weld.
3. Select the first and second surfaces that you want to connect.
4. Select one or more datum points or vertices, a feature of points, or a pattern of points on which you want to create the spot weld. You can use Refine Model > Point to create a datum point. The spot weld is created between the projection of the point to the first surface and the projection of the point to the second surface.
If none of the selected points are projected to the selected surfaces, Creo Simulate displays a warning message but goes ahead and creates the spot weld because valid projections may appear later if you redefine the surfaces, points, or shell compression.
5. If you want to create multiple spot welds for the two surfaces, simply create or select more datum points. A spot weld is created for each datum point.
6. Specify a weld diameter. The supported input types for a weld diameter are parameter and expression.
7. Select a material for your weld from the isotropic materials that are available for selection. If the material you want is not in the material library or already in the model, create a new material for your spot weld and then assign it.
8. Click OK.
For each spot weld, a spot weld icon is added to your model.
A circle with the diameter of the spot weld appears on the surfaces where the weld is connected to the solid or shell.
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