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To Create an Interface
1. Click Refine Model > Interface. The Interface Definition dialog box appears.
2. Type a name or accept the default name. Click the color swatch adjacent to Name if you want to change the color of the interface icon and the text displayed.
3. In FEM mode, select Bonded or Free from the option menu under Type. In native mode, this option menu is inactive, and Free is the only available interface type.
4. If you did not select geometry references before entering the dialog box, use the regular selection methods to select two surfaces on your assembly now. The References collector displays the selected surfaces.
5. In FEM mode, if you selected Free, then the Generate Compatible Mesh check box is available and selected by default. Clear this check box if you do not want Creo Simulate to create geometrically-consistent node locations when it generates the mesh for the surfaces of your interface.
6. In FEM mode, if you selected Bonded, the Merge Coincident Nodes check box is available. Select this check box if you want Creo Simulate to connect matching nodes with rigid link elements. Clear this check box if you want Creo Simulate to merge matching coincident nodes.
7. Click OK. An interface icon is added to your model.
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