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To Create a Fastener
1. Click Refine Model > Fastener. The Fastener Definition dialog box opens.
2. Specify a name for the fastener in the Name field.
3. Select Connecting Solids to create fastener connection between two solids or Connecting Shells to create a fastener between two shell surfaces.
4. For a fastener connecting solids select the Fastener Type as either a bolt or a screw.
5. If you did not select geometric references before opening the Fastener Definition dialog box, select the appropriate geometry after it opens. The References collector displays your selections.
6. Select the method to determine the stiffness from the Stiffness menu. Select from these options:
Using diameter and material
Using spring stiffness property
7. Specify a positive real number value for Fastener Head and Nut Diameter or accept the default value. Select units of diameter or use the default units.
8. Select the Frictionless Interface check box to make the value of tangential stiffness between the surfaces in contact zero. Clear this check box if you want to maintain friction between the surfaces in contact.
9. If you have selected Connecting Shells go to Step 13.
10. Select Fix Separation to ensure that the two fastened components do not interpenetrate.
11. Specify a real number value, parameter name, or an expression for Separation Test Diameter or accept the default value. Select units of diameter or use the default units.
12. Select Include Preload to define a bolt preload for the fastener. Type a real number value, parameter name or expression for Preload Force. Select units of force or use the default units.
13. Select Account for Stiffness to run a base static analysis to scale the fastener preload value in a static analysis that uses the fastener.
14. Click OK. The fastener icon appears at the fastener location.