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To Create an End Weld
1. Click Refine Model > Weld. The Weld Definition dialog box opens.
2. Specify a name or accept the default name. Click the color swatch adjacent to Name if you want to change the color of the weld icon or text displayed for the weld.
3. Select End Weld from the Type option menu.
4. Select the end weld type from Extend Single to Single, Extend Many to Single, or Extend Single to Many.
5. Select the reference surfaces to extend and the surfaces to be extended to. The References collector displays your selections.
6. You can select the Extend Adjacent Surfaces check box if you want to place a weld on the extension of the adjacent surfaces, regardless of the angle they form with the source surface.
When the Extend Adjacent Surfaces check box is not selected, the weld is created between the source surface and the target surface only if the angle between the source surface and the adjacent surfaces is less than the angle specified by the sim_extend_surf_max_angle configuration option. See example on Extend Adjacent Surfaces for End Welds.
7. Click OK. The end weld icon appears on the model where the two surfaces meet.
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