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About Creo Simulate
Creo Simulate is a multi-discipline CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) tool with which you can simulate the physical behavior of a model and understand and improve the mechanical performance of your design. You can directly calculate stresses, deflections, frequencies, heat transfer paths, and other factors, showing you how your model will behave in a test lab or in the real world.
The product line features two modules—Structure and Thermal—each of which solves for a different family of mechanical behaviors. Structure focuses on the structural integrity of your model, while Thermal evaluates heat-transfer characteristics.
There are two basic modes—integrated mode and standalone mode. In integrated mode, you perform all Creo Simulate functions within Creo Parametric. This version of the product offers the convenience and power of Creo Parametric's parametric feature-creation technology coupled with the full range of Creo Simulate’s solution software.
A limited functionality, trial version called Creo Simulate Lite is provided with Creo Parametric. You can use it for part or assembly models with less than a hundred surfaces.
In standalone mode you can open parts created in Creo Parametric or other CAE tools and run a simulation study independent of Creo Parametric.
* This Online Help system is common to both the integrated mode and the standalone mode. Wherever the functionality is different for the standalone mode it is explicitly mentioned.
Creo Simulate's broad range of analytical solutions, excellent modeling capabilities, and flexibility make it a powerful tool for meeting your simulation needs. Take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the basics of this software package.