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Custom Units
Use the New button on the Units tab of the Units Manager dialog box to create a custom unit. A custom unit is a unit that the user defines.
You can combine predefined units and custom units to create a custom system of units.
When you click New, the Unit Definition dialog box opens. Select an option from the Physical dimension list for the type of unit you want to create:
If you select Length, Mass, Force, Time, Temperature, or Angle the following items appear on the dialog box for the Unit Definition:
Name—Type a name for the custom unit.
Scale—Specify a scale factor. All custom units are scaled from existing units, including other custom units.
Reference Unit List—Select a reference unit from the list of existing units.
Offset—Appears only if you selected Temperature for the physical dimension. Specify an offset value.
If you select the Derived option, the following items appear in the Derived unit definition area of the Unit Definition dialog box:
Name—Type a name for the custom derived unit.
Numerical unit expression—Specify a value to define your derived unit.
The following expressions are examples of custom derived units:
square_feet = ft*ft
gravity = 9.81 m/sec^2
atmosphere = 14.7 psi
gallon = 231 in^3
speed_of_light = 3e8 m/sec
After you click OK on the Unit Definition dialog box, the name of the new custom unit appears in the list of units on the Units Manager dialog box.
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