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To Set a Principal System of Units
You can use any previously defined system of units as the principal system of units for your model. This procedure assumes you are working in Creo Parametric.
1. Click File > Prepare > Model Properties. The Model Properties dialog box opens.
2. Click change adjacent to Units. The Units Manager dialog box opens. The Systems of Units tab displays a list of existing systems of units, and a red arrow indicates the current principal system of units.
To open the Units Manager dialog box in Creo Simulate Standalone click Home > Set Up > Units.
3. Select the system of units that you want to set as the principal system of units.
4. Click the Set button. The Changing Model Units dialog box opens.
5. On the Model tab, select an option for changing your model's units from:
Convert dimensions (for example, 1" becomes 25.4mm)
Interpret dimensions (for example, 1" becomes 1mm)
6. If there are parameters with units defined for your model, you can convert, interpret or ignore the units by selecting the parameter on the Parameters tab and selecting either Convert, Interpret or Ignore for each parameter. By default, all parameter units are interpreted if you chose to interpret units on the Model tab and converted if you chose to convert units on the Model tab.
7. Click OK.
Creo Parametric sets the selected system of units as the principal system of units for your model.
You return to the Units Manager dialog box. In the list of systems of units, the arrow points to the principal system of units you just set.
* The units of simulation entities created are not changed by this procedure if unit selection is available for that entity.