Creo Simulate > Additional Information > Units > To Create a Custom Unit
To Create a Custom Unit
1. Cick Home > Set Up > Units. The Units Manager dialog box opens.
2. Click the Units tab.
3. Click New. The Unit Definition dialog box opens.
4. Select a basic unit from Length, Mass, Force, Time, or Temperature on the Physical dimension list.
Select Derived if you want to define a derived custom unit. Go to Step No 9.
5. Type a Name for the new custom unit or use the default name.
6. All basic custom units are scaled from existing units, including other custom units and are of the form:
New Basic Custom Unit = Scale * Basic Unit
Specify a Scale factor.
7. Select a basic reference unit from the drop-down list of existing units.
If you selected Temperature in step 5, specify an Offset value.
Go to Step 11.
8. If you selected Derived in step 5, type a Name for the derived custom unit or accept the default name.
9. Derived custom units are of the form:
New Derived Custom Unit = Numerical unit expression
Specify a Numerical unit expression for your derived unit.
10. Click OK. The Units Manager dialog box opens with the name of your new custom unit displayed in the drop-down list of units.