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Optimizing a Model (Native Mode)
After you define design variables, Creo Simulate can perform local and global sensitivity studies that show you how your model behaves as the design variables change its shape and properties. The information from these studies enables you to define your optimization so that it includes only the design variables that have a strong effect on the goals you are trying to achieve.
When you determine which design variables you want to include in the optimization, you can define a Creo Simulate optimization study that will automatically find the design that best meets your goals. the following is a list of the tasks that are part of the optimization process:
Defining standard, sensitivity, and optimization studies—You need to define the type of study (standard, sensitivity, or optimization) that you want to perform and indicate the study’s parameters and goals.
Running the studies—Run your study.
Reviewing the results of the studies—You evaluate the results of the run to determine how your model behaved. The nature of your evaluation differs depending on the type of study you ran. The following is a summary of the factors you want to focus on when reviewing results for the different types of studies:
Standard studies—Look at the results to find out how your model behaved during a single analysis or combination of analyses. If you used a particular parameter setting for a standard design study, you can use the results to determine how your model behaved at that parameter setting.
These results can help you determine the feasibility of a design. They can also help you evaluate the effect of slightly modifying an optimized shape to bring it within manufacturing tolerances.
Sensitivity studies—Look at the results to find out which design variables had an effect on your goals. Additionally, use the results to determine appropriate starting points and range limits for your parameters during optimization.
Optimization studies—Look at the results to see the optimized shape and determine whether the final shape is acceptable.
Accepting the optimized design—If you want to go forward with your model's optimized shape instead of the original shape, you need to accept the optimized design. When you accept an optimized design, Creo Simulate updates your original Creo Parametric model to reflect any shape changes.