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Defining Design Changes (Native Mode)
After you review the results of your analysis, you can establish which aspects of your model you want Creo Simulate to alter as it searches for the optimal design. The items you decide to modify are called design controls, or design variables. Design variables change your model’s shape and properties.
When defining model changes, you complete the following tasks:
Using dimensions and parameters as design variables—You need to select the dimensions and parameters that you want Creo Simulate to change during sensitivity and optimization studies. As part of this step, you also need to specify the ranges within which these changes can occur.
Reviewing and modifying shape changes—You need to preview the effect of shape changes on your model, either by looking at the model shape at particular dimension settings or by animating the model so you can see progressive shape changes.
When you preview your shape changes, you may find that some design variables do not behave as you want them to. In this case, you need to modify the design variable. You may also need to alter or define Creo Parametric relations to help control the shape change.