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Search Tool
You can search for simulation entities in a model using the search tool. Click Tools > Find command to open the Search Tool dialog box. This dialog box includes four tabs—Attributes, History, Status, and Geometry. Creo Simulate uses only specific rules on the Attributes and Status tabs to perform the search for simulation entities.
The search tool allows you to specify the search criteria based on the type of the model. The supported types of models are 2D, 3D, Structure, and Thermal in native and FEM modes. Additionally, the search tool allows you to define rules to build and save queries. You save the search queries by defining a new layer in the model. Defining a layer while saving a query allows you to group certain simulation entities on a layer. Use the Search Tool dialog box to:
Specify rule classes to search by name, type, property, or layer of the simulation entities.
Specify search criteria by defining the comparison, category or value of the simulation entities.
Define a layer to organize simulation entities.
Build a query by defining rules and operations for the query.
Save a query based on the defined rules.
In Creo Simulate, you can search for the following objects in a model:
Structural loads
Thermal loads
Structural constraints
Thermal boundary conditions
Simulation measures
Material assignments
AutoGEM Controls
FEM mesh controls
After you apply the rules and specify the search criteria, Creo Simulate highlights and displays the search results.
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