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About File Names in Creo Simulate
From Creo Parametric 4.0 F000 onward, file names support multi-byte characters. You can open models created in Creo Parametric that have multi-byte characters in the file name and perform limited tasks on them in Creo Simulate. You need to note the following:
You cannot run sensitivity and optimization studies on models with file names that contain multi-byte characters. You must rename the file to contain only alphanumeric and underscore characters.
However, you can open the model in Creo Simulate, run analyses and standard design studies and view results for the model without renaming the model.
When opening or saving a model from the Creo Simulate postprocessor, if the path name or the file name contain multi-byte characters, then you must rename the file or change the path, so that both the file name and the path contain only a combination of alphanumeric and underscore characters. Note that the file name must not start with underscore.