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Simulation Model
Click Tools > Simulation Model to view information about your model. When you select this command, an information window appears with your model's name and model type, as well as summaries of the materials, idealizations, connections, loads, and constraints in your model.
For example, here is an information window entry for a spring:
Reference: Feature of Points (Model COMPONENT_NAME)—
Type: Advanced
Y direction: Cartesian CSYS—"WCS"
Spring Property "SpringProp1"
You can edit and save the information window text as a .inf file. Use the following commands on the information window toolbar to manipulate the information:
Save—Saves the file as model_name.inf.
Save As—The Save A Copy dialog box appears. Enter a name for the file and browse to find a directory.
Close—Closes the dialog box.
Edit Mode—Activates the commands Cut, Copy, Paste, and Delete Line. Use these commands to edit the text. To insert text, move the red mark to the desired location and enter text.
Cut—Removes the selected text. Use the cursor to highlight text, and click this command.
Copy—Moves the selected text to a buffer. Use the cursor to highlight text, and click this command.
Paste—Adds copied text from the buffer to the cursor location.
Delete Line—Removes the line of text at the cursor location.
Search—Opens the Search dialog box. Enter a search term and click Search. The software highlights any instances of the search term it finds in the information window.
Line Number—Turn on or off the display of line numbers. This command is not active in edit mode.
You can also display the information window by using the shortcut menu in the Model Tree.
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