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Selection Methods
There are several ways to select entities on your model as you are performing various Creo Simulate operations. These include:
Direct Selection—Use Creo Parametric selection methods to select objects directly on your model. The direct selection can be handy when you want to select geometric references for simulation entities (springs, beams, loads, constraints, and so forth) before opening an entity definition dialog box. In this case, if your geometric selections are valid, they appear in the References area when you open the corresponding entity definition dialog box. If they are not valid, along with the entity definition dialog box appears the SIM SELECT menu that you can use to make new selections.
Model Tree—Use the Model Tree to select model entities from its list of entities and features. You can select entities from the Model Tree just as you would select them directly on your model. You can also work from the Model Tree, highlighting an item, and then right-clicking to display information about the selected entity.
Object Action—Select any entity on your model or on the Model Tree, and right-click to perform operations on the shortcut menu that appears.
Search Tool—Use the Search Tool dialog box to find modeling entities by using criteria such as name, type, and property.
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