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Retrieving Assemblies Modified in Creo Direct
Assemblies modified in Creo Direct can be used in Creo Simulate Standalone and Creo Simulate Integrated. You can modify a parametric part or assembly in Creo Direct by one or more of the following procedures:
Modifying part geometry
Modifying the position of a component
Deleting a component from the assembly
When you modify the position of an assembly component in Creo Direct, and open the modified assembly in Creo Simulate, the View Changes dialog box displays the changes in the assembly. Some of the changes made to the assembly in Creo Direct can affect children of the modified or moved components. The component and affected child components lose their parametric behavior and remain frozen in the assembly. Two parallel lines appear in front of the part in the Model Tree when you open the model in Creo Simulate. The parallel lines indicate that the location of the part has been changed in Creo Direct. You must restore parametric behavior to the component and to the frozen children of modified components before you can update their placement or other references. When you right click on the part in the Model Tree you can select one of the following options:
Restore Parametric Behavior—Restores parametric behavior to the component.
Propagate Parametric Behavior—Restores parametric behavior to a component with frozen children. Parametric behavior is restored to the component and its children.
To restore parametric behavior to all components and features in the assembly, select the top-level assembly in the Model Tree, right-click and choose Propagate Parametric Behavior.
* You need to regenerate the model for all the changes to take effect. Without regeneration the model remains unchanged.