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Creo Parametric Parameters as Design Variables
To use Creo Parametric parameters as Creo Simulate design variables, you must use parameters created through the Tools > Parameters command—not the Tools > Relations command.
The reason for this restriction lies with how Creo Simulate uses design variables during a design study. When it performs a design study, Creo Simulate varies the value of the selected design variables within the range you specified as you defined the study. This, in turn, changes the value of the Creo Parametric driving parameter.
If you define the Creo Parametric parameter as a variable instead of a constant, you can create situations where both Creo Parametric and Creo Simulate try to change the parameter. The resulting conflicts would prove undesirable for the study.
In creating the Creo Parametric parameters that you plan to use as design variables, take special care not to use these parameters in relations that would in any way restrict their movement in Creo Simulate. In other words, do not use these parameters on the left side of any relation equations.
To learn more about using Creo Parametric parameters as design variables, see Design Variables.
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