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Process Guide Session
A Process Guide session is a record of how you use Process Guide for a given model. In essence, it stores a history of your progress through each of the modeling activities involved in a model analysis.
You can create a session using the New Process Guide Session dialog box. How you access this dialog box depends on whether you are working with your model in Process Guide for the first time or have already created sessions for the model.
When you create a session, you give it a name and select the activities template that you want the session to follow. Be aware of these factors when creating Process Guide sessions:
Each session has a unique name and is permanently associated with a particular Process Guide template.
You can have multiple sessions for your model.
You can associate each session for your model with a unique template or associate multiple sessions with a single template.
After you create a session, Creo Simulate displays a unique version of the Process Guide dialog box that lists each modeling, analysis, and evaluation activity defined in the template you selected. These activities appear in the order specified by the template. You should treat the Process Guide dialog box as a checklist whose intent is to walk you through each step in the particular design process. Creo Simulate saves all Process Guide sessions along with the model, detecting them automatically whenever you invoke Process Guide and providing you with a choice of which session you want to work with.