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Process Guide Dialog Box
After you start a new or existing Process Guide session or when you start Creo Simulate in Lite mode, the Process Guide dialog box opens. This dialog box is the navigation tool that guides you through each of the tasks included in the template that governs the session. Creo Simulate populates the tasks in this dialog box at runtime based on the template you selected when you originally started the session. The order in which the dialog box lists the tasks depends on the sequence specified by the template.
The Process Guide dialog box includes two areas—the Navigation area and the Instruction area:
Navigation area—Lists all the tasks required to complete the session in the sequence defined by the session template. The Navigation area occupies the upper portion of the Process Guide dialog box and acts as a checklist indicating your progress through the session.
Instruction area—Provides the means of performing the task currently highlighted in the Navigation area and typically displays information on that task. The Instruction area occupies the lower portion of the Process Guide dialog box and acts as the tool you use to initiate each of the tasks in the Navigation area.
The Navigation and Instruction areas interact, that is, activities you perform in one area affect the other. An understanding of how these areas interact will enable you to use Process Guide effectively.
In addition to these two areas, the dialog box includes a Next button and a Back button that you can use to move through the tasks in the Navigation area. You use these buttons if you want to sequentially move forward and backward through the task list. As an alternative, you can simply select the task you want. If you prefer Process Guide to automatically advance to the next task in the list, you can set the simulation_process_auto_advance configuration option. When you set this option to yes Process Guide automatically advances to the next step after you complete the current step. You can use the Exit button to leave the current Process Guide session.
As you work through the activities listed in the dialog box, Process Guide records your progress as part of the session data and provides a visual feedback on how far you have come. If you exit Process Guide before finishing all the tasks, the software records the point where you leave the session. When you resume the session, the Process Guide dialog box indicates the last task you completed, and you automatically move to the next task. You finish the session when you complete the last task listed on the dialog box. Even though the session is complete, it remains part of the model file in case you ever need to access it in the future. However, if you no longer want to keep a session, you can delete it at any time, whether you have finished the session or not.
Even if you are in the middle of a Process Guide session, you can perform modeling activities outside Process Guide. However, Creo Simulate does not record such activities in the active session. You can resume the activities defined in the Process Guide session by simply selecting a task in the Navigation area.