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Methods of Simplifying Your Model
You can use a variety of techniques to simplify your model, including:
suppressing features that are not germane to the analysis. You can make this process easier if you use these techniques:
Create the simulation model using a family table instance of the Creo Parametric model that suppresses the features not critical to the analysis.
Place features that you want to suppress or resume for a particular analysis on a layer. You can then use the commands on the Layers dialog box to control which features the analysis includes. Access the Layers dialog box by selecting the Show > Layer Tree command on the Model Tree, or by clicking on the Creo Parametric toolbar.
using simplified representations of your model when appropriate. Simplified representations give you a greater degree of modeling freedom while preserving your original model.
modeling thin features with beams and shells rather than as solids. This simplifies the model from the solver's perspective, greatly reducing model size, disk usage, RAM requirements, and analysis times.
aligning edges and surfaces that are nearly aligned in the part or assembly
using cut features to remove portions of the model that are not pertinent to the analysis
using cut features to reduce the model to its symmetric section for models that exhibit both geometric symmetry and modeling symmetry (symmetric loads and constraints)
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