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Object Action
The object-action operation enables you to select an object on the Model Tree or the model and perform an action on the selected object. You can right-click highlighted simulation entities on the Model Tree or entity icons on the model to display a shortcut menu listing simulation operations that you can perform on the entity.
The list of simulation entities on which you can perform object-action operations includes, but is not limited to, the following:
shell pairs
perimeter welds
end welds
simulation features
mesh controls (FEM mode)
rigid links
weighted links (FEM mode)
material assignments
simulation measures
As you move your cursor over an icon representing any simulation entity that has been set for prehighlighting, the software highlights the icon in red. If your cursor pauses, a display tag appears showing the entity name. If you select a highlighted icon or directly select an entity on the Model Tree, the icon highlights in red on the model and you can right-click to display the shortcut menu to perform operations on the entity.
The object-action operations are always in effect, whether or not prehighlighting is set for a simulation entity.