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Removing Simulation Entities from Your Model
The most common way to remove modeling entities from your model is to delete them individually. However, you may occasionally find that you have created a simulation model that does not serve your purposes or that you want a fast way to clean up a model by deleting all simulation entities. In this case, you can click Home > Set Up > New Simulation Model to remove all the simulation modeling entities for the current part or assembly.
This command deletes all simulation modeling entities directly applied to your model, including those not visible in the Model Tree. For example, New Simulation Model deletes all materials, loads, constraints, contacts, and so forth from the model. However, it does not remove library entities such as material definitions, beam section definitions, and so forth. After it deletes the model entities, Creo Simulate opens a clean version of your model. You can click Home > Model Setup dialog box and use the Model Setup dialog box to respecify the product, mode, and model type you want to work with.
Do not use the New Simulation Model command if you are trying to delete individual modeling entities. Reserve this command for situations where your model requires deep-level cleanup. If you use New Simulation Model and immediately decide that you wanted to keep the modeling entities after all, you can exit Creo Simulate without saving the model, and the original modeling entities will return when you next open the model.
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