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Creo Simulate Fatigue Advisor
When a model undergoes repeated cycles of loading and unloading, it can fail even if the stresses are below safe values for static, constant load levels. The mechanism underlying this class of failure is known as fatigue, and studies of the fatigue performance are commonly known as durability assessments.
Fatigue Advisor allows you to predict and improve the fatigue performance of your designs early in the product life-cycle, helping reduce design cost. Fatigue Advisor uses fatigue technology supplied in partnership with nCode International, a world leader in durability software.
Fatigue Advisor works entirely within Structure mode. You simply specify an existing static analysis, then define the material properties and loading history along with the required design life for the study. You can either use the material library and load history generator included in the software or import this information.
Fatigue Advisor calculates the following results quantities:
Life—Determines the predicted cycles to failure.
Damage—Measures percentage of damage due to loading.
Factor of safety—Estimates the factor of safety based upon predicted failure.
Confidence of life—Measures the reliability of the results.
You can define and review these results using standard Creo Simulate visualization tools including fringes, contours, and graphs. In addition, you can define and track local and global measures of the results quantities for sensitivity and optimization design studies. You can create parametric geometry models, assign a permissible range to each parameter, and specify design goals and performance limits.
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