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Strategy: Changing Dimension Names
When you add dimensions to your part, Creo Parametric assigns a generic name to each dimension. This name consists of the letter "d" with a number appended. This naming convention can be confusing in Creo Simulate, especially if there are multiple dimensions associated with your part.
Even though for assemblies Creo Simulate displays dimension name with the associated part name, changing the generic dimension names to meaningful names helps you to avoid mix up. For example, every part in the assembly will probably include a dimension with the generic name of d0. If you try to add parameters for two different dimensions that have the same name, Creo Simulate will displays the dimensions with the part name separated by a colon (d0:prt0001 and d0:prt0002).
Here are some tips for working with dimension names:
You can change dimension names when you define a variable in a design study. If you want to change the name of the model dimension, click on the Variable name and enter a new name.
You can check your part's current dimension names with the Utilities > Switch Dimensions command on the Relations dialog box in Creo Parametric. You access the Relations dialog box through the Tools > Relations command.
If you want to change the names before accessing Creo Simulate, activate the dimension display in standard mode, select dimension, and use the Edit > Properties command. Once you click this command, you can use the Dimension Text tab on the Dimension Properties dialog box to change the name.
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