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Creo Simulate Options
Click File > Options to open the Creo Simulate Options dialog box that you can use to set up your working environment. The options displayed in the dialog box change depending on your selection. You can set the following groups of options in the left pane of the Creo Simulate Options dialog box.
Favorites—Displays your favorite configuration options. You can quickly change the settings of a configuration option here. To add options to this list you need to right click a configuration option on the Configuration Editor and select Add to Favorites.
Environment—Sets environment options for working in Creo Simulate. Refer to the Fundamentals Help for more information on setting environment options.
System Colors—Changes system colors. You can change the color that is used for the display of graphics, datum features, geometry, simulation entities, and sketch objects. Refer to the Fundamentals Help for more information on changing system colors.
Model Display—Changes how the model is displayed. You can select options to change the way a model is shaded, animated, oriented and rendered. Refer to the Fundamentals Help for more information on changing the way a model is displayed.
Entity Display—Changes the way different entities are displayed. Refer to the Fundamentals Help for more information on displaying entities.
Selection—Changes the settings for object selection. Using the selection filter settings, you can add modeling and simulation objects to a custom filter with the name My Filter. The custom filter is then added to the selection filter list. When you select a filter, you can only select objects in the model. Refer to the Fundamentals Help for more information on object selection.
In Creo Simulate Standalone, only simulation objects can be selected to add to the custom filter.
Sketcher—Changes the settings for the sketcher tool. Refer to the Sketcher Help for more information on customizing the sketcher environment.
Data Exchange—Changes the settings that control the exchange of data between Creo Parametric and the supported 2D and 3D formats. Refer to the Data Exchange Help for more information on the 2D and 3D data exchange settings.
Customize Ribbon—Changes the way buttons are arranged and grouped on different tabs.
Quick Access Toolbar—Allows you to add frequently-used buttons to a separate toolbar for quick and easy access.
Window Settings—Customizes the layout and look of the display window. This includes changing the position of the Model Tree, the embedded browser settings, the accessory window size, position of the graphics toolbar and so on.
Shortcut Menu—Allows you to manage frequently-used commands in the current context when you right-click on the Model Tree or the model.
Licensing—Displays and manages the floating licenses.
Configuration Editor—Searches, displays, and modifies configuration options.
Every option in each of these groups corresponds to a configuration option. When you change the value of an option in any of these groups and click OK, the software prompts you to save the changed options. If you select No, the changes are only applied to the current session. If you select Yes, you can save the changes to the configuration file. The changes are then available for subsequent sessions.
You can also click Export Configurations to save all the changes you make to the file.