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Building and Saving Queries
You can build and save queries to search for simulation entities in a model by using the Options button in the Search Tool dialog box. Additionally, you can save the search results on a layer using the Layer option on the Status tab. For example, you can check if a particular group of loads and constraint sets that you want in a static analysis, includes all the specific loads and constraints that you require.
Build Query — When you select the Build Query option, the Search Tool dialog box changes to include the Query Builder section in the dialog box. This section allows you to define rules and operations for your search. The Query Builder uses the Boolean AND and OR operations. You can change the operation by selecting the required operation in the Operator column.
After you have defined the rules for your model, you can add, remove, or update the rules by using the Add, Remove, or Update options, respectively. The Add option adds a new rule to the Query Builder. The Remove option removes a selected rule while the Update option replaces a selected rule with the current rule.
Save Query — Saves a query. After you have built a query, you can save the query by selecting Options > Save Query. Specify a layer name in the Save Rules dialog box to save your query as a new layer. Creo Simulate displays the new layer in the Model Tree. Select Layer in the Status tab to display layers in the Value field. Include or exclude selected simulation entities so that only the required items are displayed in the mesh.
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