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Damping Coefficient (%)
Use this item to assign damping coefficients to the modes in the analysis.
The damping coefficient is the percentage of critical damping. A damping coefficient of 100% means the model is critically damped and does not vibrate freely. A damping coefficient of 1% means the amplitude decays by about 6% over one period of oscillation.
You can select one of three methods of assigning damping coefficients:
For all modes—Assigns a single damping coefficient to all modes. You enter a single value, without a % symbol, in the entry box.
For Individual Modes—Assigns a separate damping coefficient to each mode in the analysis.
Function of Frequency—Defines damping as a function of frequency.
The normal range for damping coefficients is from 0% to 50%. If you enter values outside this range, Creo Simulate asks you to confirm each value.