Creo Simulate > Creating Analyses > Vibration Analysis > To Select Mode Options for a Dynamic Analysis
To Select Mode Options for a Dynamic Analysis
This procedure assumes you are in the dialog box for creating one of these analysis types: dynamic time, dynamic frequency, or dynamic random analysis.
1. Select an option for Modes Included from the modal analysis in the dynamic analysis—All or Below specified frequency.
2. If you selected Below specified frequency, enter a frequency value.
3. Select one of these options for assigning damping coefficients to the modes in the analysis:
For all modes
For individual modes
Function of frequency
4. If you selected For all modes in step 3, enter a value without a % symbol for the damping coefficient you want to assign to all modes.
5. If you selected For individual modes in step 3, enter damping coefficient values for each mode in the list that appears for this option.
You can use the Fill button to change all zero values to the percent value immediately above them. Use the Clear button to change all values to zero.
6. If you selected Function of frequency in step 3, click to select or define a damping coefficient function.
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