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Initial Temperature Distribution
Select the initial temperature for your model at the start of the transient thermal analysis. You can select one of two options:
Uniform—Apply a uniform temperature distribution over the model. Enter the initial temperature in the Temperature field below this item. The temperature value must be the same as any prescribed temperatures in the constraint set. If there are no prescribed temperatures, you can specify any value for uniform initial temperature.
MecT—Use the temperature results from a steady thermal analysis to specify the initial temperature for your transient thermal analysis. Before you select this option, you must first define a steady thermal analysis.
When you select MecT, the dialog box displays the name of a steady thermal analysis and a load set from that analysis. If you have multiple analyses or load sets, you can select the ones you want to use. Creo Simulate runs the steady thermal analysis you select before running the transient thermal analysis.
You can also select Use temperatures from previous design study if you want to use the results of a previously run analysis.