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Prestress Static Analysis Overview
Use to simulate how a prestiffened or prestressed structure affects your model's deformations, stresses, and strains.
A prestress static analysis determines the strengthening or weakening of the part due to the applied loads. For example, you can run a prestress static analysis on a ski lift to determine the strengthening or weakening caused by a pretension cable.
Results of a previously run linear static analysis are the starting point for a prestress static analysis.
You run a prestress static analysis in addition to a static analysis for the following situations:
if you want a transverse effect for your model
if you think your applied loads affect the stiffness of the model—for example, if you have a model with an existing load that projects an existing force
if the specified loads in the static analysis are close in magnitude to a corresponding buckling load. In this case, the prestiffening effects are negligible from a static analysis. You should run a prestress static analysis for more specific information.
1 constraint set
1 or more load sets or enforced displacements
1 or more linear static analyses
a 3D model
See Constraint and Load Sets in Structural Analyses for more information.
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