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Convergence Quantity for Static, Prestress Static, Large Deformation, and Contact Analyses
If you select Multi-Pass Adaptive method under the Convergence tab, you select the quantities Creo Simulate uses to calculate convergence. See Percent Convergence for information on how Creo Simulate measures convergence for the multi-pass adaptive method.
For static, prestress static, large deformation, and contact analyses, you can select one of these options:
Local Displacement and Local Strain Energy—Calculates convergence of the displacements along each element edge and of the total strain energy of each element.
Local Displacement, Local Strain Energy and Global RMS Stress—Uses RMS (Root Mean Square) stress in addition to displacement and strain energy to calculate convergence.
Creo Simulate checks convergence for RMS stress by extrapolating the total strain energy of three successive calculations. As a result, RMS stress is sensitive to the rate of convergence. This option provides high accuracy, but can also mean greater computation time.
Measures—Uses one or more measures to determine convergence. When you select this option, the Measures button becomes available.
Click the Measures button to select measures from the Measures dialog box.
Use Measures for convergence if you are interested either in results for one or more specific quantities, such as maximum principal stress or displacement magnitude, or in results at a particular location, such as a boundary condition or local stress concentration.
Using Measures can help improve accuracy for the quantities or locations of interest, and may also lower the computation time for your design study.
When you select Measures, the Structure engine samples over the plotting grid to get a measure's maximum value during a run and uses that value to determine convergence. Your plotting grid setting may have a slight effect on convergence values.
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